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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

They just repoed the 'technicals'

There's a lesson somewhere in here:

The demonstrations helped prompt the clan elders, who are regarded as the pillars of Somali society, to act. According to residents in Mogadishu, the leaders of several major clans -- and some businesspeople who had been financing the Islamists -- demanded that the Islamist leaders return the armed pickup trucks that had been lent to the movement.
Faced with the loss of support from their counterparts, other clan leaders saw the coalition begin to crumble and withdrew their trucks as well, leaving little of the organized force that once lent the Islamists their power.

The jihadis lost popular support. Cooler heads prevailed. Their backers yanked the technicals. Expect his advisers to persuade W that the lesson is that there is a purely military solution to Islamic extremism, as demonstrated by the Ethiopians. And the jihadis revert to terrorism.


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