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Friday, November 10, 2006

We get mail

Just about right:

Well, it looks like we have some new sheriffs in town. Congratulations, all you democrat voters. It’s nice to see all that blue color back on the map. My only regret is we won’t have Donald to kick around any more. Of course, he will probably be calling the shots from behind the scenes to a large extent. I wonder why Cheney didn’t resign, too? Oh yeah, I forgot, who would tell W what to say, think and feel if both of them went at the same time? Condi?

Actually, Condi's a Bob Gates Cold War-era protege. What about Karl? Isn't he the one who promised them an everlasting dominance based on suckering ignorant wingnuts into blind alllegiance? That didn't work out, did it? Where's his mangy scalp?


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