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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Out of control


WASHINGTON - This is supposed to be a pivotal week for the U.S. venture in Iraq: President Bush is to meet Thursday in Jordan with Iraq's prime minister, and the blue-ribbon Iraq Study Group has begun debating its final recommendations to the White House.
But does any of it matter?
Not really, according to a growing number of Middle East analysts, who say that Iraq's cascading civil war has spun out of Washington's control.


Bush blamed the escalating bloodshed in Iraq on an al-Qaida plot to stoke cycles of sectarian revenge, and refused to debate whether the country has fallen into civil war. ... Directly seeking help from Iran and Syria with Iraq, as part of new, aggressive diplomacy throughout the region, is expected to be among the recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton group. But Bush repeated his administration's reluctance to talk with two nations it regards as pariah states working to destabilize the Middle East.

W: It's not a civil war, but it's al-Qaida's fault. Iran and Syria are to blame for any regional instability. Our continued occupation of Iraq is, therefore, the only solution.
The man is hopelessly delusional.


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